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Bridge Over River


Mindfulness TED Talk (Video)

This TED Talk is targeted for a teenage audience, but its message is universal. An amazing introduction, synopsis, and passionate rationale for making mindfulness a daily practice.

What is EFT/Tapping? (Video)

This short 5 minute video explains EFT and includes a demonstration. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is based on acupuncture. Brad Yates has hundreds of videos for free on YouTube for specific issues, everything from fear, grief, money, rejection, love, sleep, name it!

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (Article)

Click the link above for one of the most concise, thorough, and practical articles I've seen on CBT. It is useful for parents, educators, teens, adults...everyone! We all have cognitive distortions. When we identify them, prove them wrong, and overcome them we free ourselves from negative thought patterns that create problems in our lives. This is from the Child Mind Institute, a wonderful resource in itself that will email you weekly inspiration and articles, including how to find a good therapist!

Your heart has a brain! (Article)

Click the link above to read this article about the heart's ability to "think" for itself. OK, this is my Biology background coming out, but it fascinates me to consider that our heart has a "mind" of its own! What does that say about how we perceive ourselves, our bodies, and our relationships with other people?

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